Author / Dos Santos Paulino Victor

Innovation, strategy in the space sector

Victor Dos Santos Paulino holds a doctorate in Economics from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. He teaches Strategy and Innovation Management at the Toulouse Business School. His research interests concern the strategic management of innovation, focusing on the space industry. Victor Dos Santos Paulino is in charge of the SIRIUS Chair for applied research in the space sector. He regularly publishes his work in scientific journals such as the European Journal of Innovation Management, Innovations - Cahiers de l’Economie et de management de l’Innovation, the International Journal of Innovation Management and the Journal of Organizational Change Management...
  • Teaching areas:  Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Research Methodology
  • Research areas: Innovation (including radical innovations, disruptive innovations and open innovation ), Strategy, Industrial and market dynamics (including life cycle), space sector, Organizational change, Uncertainty
  • Proposed expertise: Innovation, Strategy in the space sector